Houston Chronicle

An Orchestra of Minorities” finds this remarkable talent working with a broader and grander canvas and proving up to the task…His is a bracing and searing work that compresses an ordinary life into an epic journey.


A mystical epic…confirms his place among a raft of literary stars.

Boston Globe

In “An Orchestra of Minorities,’’ Obioma deploys whatever literary means necessary to retrieve the precious African knowledge that has been lost. It is more than a superb and tragic novel; it’s a historical treasure.


Obioma’s latest work has the makings of a classic; in the sense that Italo Calvino describes, Obioma has written ‘a book which with each rereading offers as much of a sense of discovery as the first reading

The Economist

The chances that Chigozie Obioma’s second novel would match, let alone surpass, “The Fishermen,” were slim. Happily, his follow-up, AN ORCHESTRA OF MINORITIES, is a triumph. . . . In an era of copycats, “An Orchestra of Minorities” is an unusual and brilliantly original book


A deeply original book that will have readers laughing at, angry with, and feeling compassion for a determined hero who endeavors to create his own destiny.


Obioma alchemizes his contemporary love story into a mythic quest enhanced by Igbo cosmology. . . . Magnificently multilayered, Obioma’s sophomore title proves to be an Odyssean achievement.

Publishers Weekly

Unforgettable second novel . . . Obioma’s novel is electrifying, a meticulously crafted character drama told with emotional intensity. His invention, combining Igbo folklore and Greek tragedy in the context of modern Nigeria, makes for a rich, enchanting experience.